Swan Valley and Eastern Regions  

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About Us

Our Swan Valley based, Slow Food Convivium, is a group of Western Australian members, interested in sharing the philosophy of GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR food and in being connected to a sustainable, bio-diverse food community.

We are part of Slow Food International, a not-for-profit, global, grassroots organization, founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, and to encourage people’s interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, and how our food choices affect the world around text

Our Philosophy

We envisage a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for our environment

Our approach is based on a concept of food that is defined by three interconnected principles, namely that it is Good, Clean and Fair:

GOOD  quality, flavoursome and healthy food.

CLEAN  production that does not harm the environment.

FAIR   and accessible pricing for consumers, and fair conditions and pay for  producers.

Underlying these principles are a respect for the environment, a protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, social justice within the food production chain and consideration of cultural diversity and traditions.

The Swan Valley and Eastern Regions Convivium puts this philosophy into practice through:

  1. the introduction of our members and the wider community to local producers;
  2. our new initiative of connecting our members with local producers who meet the Good, Clean and Fair  criteria;
  3. our support of Western Australian Indigenous Terra Madre Foods
  4. our nomination of Ark of Taste products (an international register of products or food traditions thatare at risk of extinction)
  5. our donations to establish and maintain two gardens that are part of the African Food  Gardens project
  6. Our donations to support the distribution of food after the Amatrice earthquake
  7. Sponsoring Indigenous youths to Terra Madre in Italy in 2016

Our Operation

Our committee operates as an elected group from the membership of Swan Valley and Eastern Regions Slow Food Convivium Inc. Our Constitution outlines a set of rules for the organization of our Convivium and the committee is elected through nominations at our Annual General Meeting, which all financial members may attend.

2017/18  Office bearers;

Convivium leader:        Vincenzo Velletri  [Mobile: +61 417 943 211]

Treasurer:                     Nat D’Ignazio

Assistant Treasurer:     Brigitte Pivac  [ Mobile: +61 400 221 423 ]

Secretary:                      Pamela Buselich [ Email: [email protected] ]

Eleven Committee Members

Join Us

Be a part of Slow Food’s diverse, international community and benefit from our large local and international network;

Be the first to find out about our events and projects through our regular email and FaceBook posts;

Be a part of our convivium and organise dinners, tastings, visits and other events and projects to get to know the food and producers in your area;

Help to protect biodiversity and support the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and its projects all over the world;

Support the world’s first and only University of Gastronomic Sciences, created to teach the Slow Food philosophy to a new generation;

Receive the latest news and stories about important food issues written by some of the foremost writers in the food world today;

Find out about the Slow Food’s international presidia and Terra Madre projects and save endangered vegetable varieties and traditional foods.